Gel language


The Gel language is a fast high level object programming language, influenced mainly by the Basic and C/C++ languages.
It was originaly developed for the Antiryad Gx 3d game engine.
Like Basic language, the Gel language design principles were:

  • Be easy for beginners to use.
  • Based on a simple hybrid Basic and C/C++ syntax.
  • Be a general-purpose programming language.
  • Object oriented.
  • Allow advanced features to be added for experts (while keeping the language simple for beginners).
  • Be interactive.
  • Provide clear and friendly error messages.
  • Respond quickly for small programs.
  • Not to require an understanding of computer hardware.
  • Shield the user from the operating system.
  • Optimized opcode compiler.
  • Cross platform virtual machine.
  • Completely embedded in Antiryad Gx.
  • Graphic debugger included.
  • Executables can be compressed and encrypted.
  • Dynamic class loader.
  • Compiler can be used in console or graphic modes.
  • Simple interface to communicates with native code.

The language was first released in 1998, was first designed as a small assembly like language executed by a virtual machine.
After years of development, the Gel language is now a full object oriented language, used in numerous project. Ushuaia, a 3d adventure and action game was released in 2007.
All development of this game was completly done with the Gel language.
The virtual machine runtime is extremly fast, allowing a 10x ratio with a C compiled program.
The virtual machine run on numerous platforms and processors, as x86, amd64, ppc and arm family processors.
The Gel language is fully embeded to the Antiryad Gx 3d game engine, allowing to access all engine classes and tools.
Both a graphic and a command line version of the runtime exist, allowing to easily create script tools.

Example of a program written in Gel language

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