Antiryad IDE


Antiryad IDE is a free multiplatform integrated development environment.
You can develop and create any type of applications.
It embbed a generic and customizable tools and compilation system.
Antiryad IDE is used internally, this is the main development environment of Arkham Development.


Main features

  • Colored text editor.
  • Text encryption.
  • Simple customizable embedded tools.
  • Table edition.
  • Embed Antiryad Gx documentation.
  • Standard copy, paste, find, replace, undo, redo, goto line functions.
  • Advanced indent, comment, function header generation systems.
  • File browser.
  • Embedded web browser.
  • Notes system (text split view).
  • Visual compilation progression.
  • Adapted to any programming languages.
  • Multiplatform, run on Linux, MacOS, Windows.
  • Build using Java technology (need a Java runtime environment installed).
  • Available in Antiryad Gx installer.
  • Free.
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