Antiryad Gx Subversion activity

Antiryad Gx v4.3

Antiryad Gx v4.3 is currently in development (beta version) and is planned to be released in september 2017.


  • Add absolute encryption system. [Done]
  • Add real time encryption in Gel runtime. [Done]
  • Add 8 and 16 bits crc system. [Done]
  • Add multiple secondary Gel classes in actors. [Done]
  • Optimize software renderer. [Done]
  • Add soft float version on AmigaOS 68k. [Done]
  • Support RTG fullscreen modes on AmigaOS/AROS platforms. [Done]
  • Enhance Gel to other languages converter. [Done]
  • Enhance video codec quality. [Done]
  • Reimplement fast span buffer and no depht buffer modes. [Done]
  • Add camera target animation support in Blender 2.6 exporter. [Done]
  • Enhance grapheditor. [Done]
  • Add chunk viewer. [Done]
  • Enhance plugin system. [Done]

Antiryad Gx v4.4

Antiryad Gx v4.4 is currently in development (alpha version) and is planned to be released in mars 2018.


  • Enhance encryption system. [Done]
  • Enhance native plugin system. [In development]
  • Add new gx_library class. [Done]
  • Support native plugin for AmigaOS 68k. [In development]
  • Add Assimp as native plugin. [In development]
  • Enhance file selector. [Done]
  • Enhance Gel language. [Done]
  • Reimplement gx_lowdriver. [Done]

Antiryad Gx v5.0

Antiryad Gx v5.0 is in research state and have no fixed release date yet.

  • Add sequencer system. [In development]
  • Add a Vulkan driver. [In development]
  • Add Bloom and SSAO postprocess in software and OpenGL renderers. [Pending]
  • Enhance video codecs. [Pending]
  • Enhance grapheditor node system. [Pending]
  • Restore x86 assembler optimisation. [In development]
  • Add x64 assembler optimisation. [In development]
  • Add 68k assembler optimisation. [In development]
  • Merge Antiryad Gx and Executable Compiler make systems. [Pending]
  • Add LUA programming language. [Pending]
  • Add support of Atari Falcon platform. [In development]
  • Add support of tvOS platform. [Pending]
  • Rewrite and add MTracker editor (Sound Tracker). [Pending]
  • Add Zip file support in megalib. [Pending]
  • Add support of JSDosBox platform. [Pending]
  • Support animations and bones of ms3d file format. [Pending]
  • Support animations and bones of b3d file format. [Pending]
  • Enhance Gel optimizer. [Pending]
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