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Antiryad Gx v4.1.01 released

This version fix bug in md5 checksum.

Posted the 2017/01/26

Antiryad Gx v4.2 rc1

Antiryad Gx v4.2 rc1 was released for owner of professional licenses.
Final version is scheduled for March 2017.

Posted the 2017/01/18

Antiryad Gx v4.1 released

Antiryad Gx v4.1 arrives sooner than expected:
- Added support of DOS platform with CGA/PC1512/EGA/VGA/SVGA graphics and Sound Blaster/Covox/Speaker digital audio.
- Enhanced screen filtering in OpenGL drivers.
- Enhanced components.
- Optimized world and base files size.
- Enhanced encryption system.
- Enhanced effect channel->mask in 3d renderer.
- Enhanced refmap effect.
- Enhnaced video codecs.
- Added irr/irrmesh (Irrlicht engine) exporter.
- Enhanced navmesh.
- Enhanced quadtree.

Posted the 2016/12/31

Antiryad Gx v4.0.03 released

This new version fix bugs in color selector, bilinear zoom, executable compiler, projectile and automat classes, fullscreen gdi modes in Windows driver, hidden cursor when switch back fullscreen mode in Windows driver and incorrect driver name returned in Windows x64 driver.

Posted the 2016/12/18

Wiki: antiryadgxnext - [Features]

Antiryad Gx v4.2 is currently in development (beta version) and is planned to be released in Mars 2017. Features * Fix AmigaOS68k instabilities. * Allow to load and save actors. * Enhance profiler. * Enhance fifo object. * Support 24 bits, 32 bits and float in wav file format. * Add recovery file system. * Add new stack object.

Posted the 2017/02/23

Wiki: arkhamdemoscene - [CPC is back]

Dawn scared * Platform: PC Pentium MMX 133MHz VGA/SVGA DOS * Languages: C and 586 protected mode assembler * Release: January 1997 * Code: Pyro * Gfx: Kan, Boz * Music: Kanewood, Mindfuck Fast * Platform: PC Pentium MMX 133MHz VGA DOS * Languages: C and 586 protected mode assembler * Release: November 1996

Posted the 2017/01/24

Wiki: agx

Description Antiryad Gx is an unified cross platform and multi core 2d and 3d game engine. In development since 1994, Antiryad Gx today rivals and even surpasses many commercial game engines in feature set, optimization and stability. Main features:

Posted the 2017/01/17

Wiki: redirect

Posted the 2017/01/17

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